Then and Now

As our birthday month draws to a close, we’ve taken a look at some of the key things to have changed since we first started out...

Technological advances over the past 30 years have revolutionised the way we bring properties to market. Previously lengthy processes have been streamlined and, with large thanks to the internet, we are now able to launch properties much more quickly as well as advertise them to an international audience via online property portals. We’ve put together a little comparison timeline below that shows the key differences between then and now...


Day 1  Property measured, photographed and description written. A front photograph taken on a film camera. Courier collect films from the office and returns previous days developed photos.                                                                                  

Day 2  Details typed on a typewriter with a desktop printer. Photos returned by courier, if OK glued to front of details. Details and instruction letter posted 1st class to vendor.                                                              

Day 3  Vendor receives details approves                                                                        

Day 4  Vendor posts back signed acceptance forms.

Day 5  Signed forms received and property is displayed in the window.


Applicants registered by telephone or by popping into the office. Basic requirements were noted and details recorded on cards and stored alphabetically in a card box. Any suitable properties were posted to applicants (1st class to those that were proceedable).


We advertised in the local newspapers: The Chichester and BognorObserver. We had a two-page spread in each publication every week. We needed to submit our adverts a week in advance, which often meant properties went under offer before the ad had actually been published. The local paper and the office window were the only advertising tools at the time.


Day 1  Property measured, photographed and description written. Numerous photographs taken with a digital camera.  Photographs downloaded and edited in the office. Details and letters produced using preset templates. Details and letters emailed to vendor.

 Day 2  Vendor emails back approval of details. Property made live on our database which automatically uploads onto all property portals.


Applicants register via telephone, our website or property portals. Their details are inputted into and stored on an electronic database. Criteria is matched and suitable properties highlighted and emailed.


Our properties are automatically uploaded onto our website and subsequently all the major property portals, giving us instant nationwide coverage.


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