Gardening for Wildlife

In the words of the RSPB: “your garden is a mini nature reserve!” Discover how you can make a garden an inviting place for birds and other wildlife to visit...

We’ve taken a look at some of the ways our current vendors are encouraging birds and insects into their gardens. Not only are they doing their bit for wildlife and the planet but they also get to enjoy the show that nature performs on the stage they have set - from watching as birds feed and bathe, to seeing bees, butterflies and other small creatures flitting through in search of nourishment and shelter...

Basics for Birds

Providing a safe place for garden birds to find food, water and even make a nest will do wonders for encouraging repeated visits! Green Lane, Selsey ( has got the basics for birds well covered with a wooden bird table and suspended feeder with a well-established hedge as a backdrop.

Bee/Bug Hotels

There are plenty of critters besides birds that would be grateful of a safe haven in your garden and you don’t need a lot of space to create one. At Paddock Lane, Selsey ( they have made a beautiful feature of a homemade shelving unit containing pretty potted flowers for bees and other pollinators, as well as nestling a bee/bug hotel into the corner.


A patio or area of hard-standing doesn’t have to be unwelcoming for wildlife. Burlington Gardens, Selsey ( boasts a selection of pots filled with bright and beautiful flowers which will do a fine job of attracting bees, butterflies and other creatures too – not to mention providing some pretty points of interest for human garden visitors!


Although their importance is often overlooked, a lawn can provide a great habitat for worms and insects which, in turn, become a vital food source for birds and other creatures. Manor Lane, Selsey ( enjoys a great size lawn with mature planting in beds and borders too. Not cutting the grass too short, introducing some different varieties of grass and even refraining from watering a lawn during dry spells in summer are all ways to give Mother Nature a helping hand!


Installing a pond is one of the best ways to create a hugely diverse habitat for wildlife. While birds and other mammals may be drawn to it for a drink or a bath, other critters will spend part of, if not their entire life, calling the water home. Yeoman’s Acre, Aldwick ( has a fantastic garden for nature with sprawling lawns, plenty of mature planting and trees too but the pond in this garden really is magnificent – a true wildlife haven!

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If you would like to encourage more wildlife into your own garden, the RSPB offer a free guide full of tips and advice on how to do just that; visit to request your copy. Check out their full list of upcoming events while you’re there too - there is something for everyone within their packed schedule!

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