Published 1 Aug 2016

Garage Sale

We all would welcome an extra bit of income from time to time, whether for a holiday, new car or for home improvements. For many homeowners the solution may be close at hand.

Numerous properties have garages that are surplus to requirements and are purely used for storage, rather than what they were originally intended for. Many garages are located in compounds sometimes a distance from the property and herein lies the answer.

The sale of a garage can be a very good income stream, often with little impact on the value of the actual property.

There is always a demand for garages/lock ups across all areas of the property market. Our Bognor Regis office recently negotiated a sale of a garage within days of coming to the market. The demand was so high that we could in fact have sold it several times over and the transaction was completed within 6 weeks!

Therefore if you are considering a holiday, a new car, home improvements or extra income for whatever reason and have a garage that is largely sitting idle, contact Gilbert and Cleveland, because we may have the answer for you.


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